W.I. Newsletter May 2017

I thought I would give you all a rest from my usual ramblings, and with a bit of arm-twisting our President Kate Bennett has allowed her quirky (as only Kate can do!) Annual Report presented at this month’s Annual Meeting to be reproduced here.




Throw a 6 and we’re off to supper at The Boot,

It’s a 3, let’s plant those ‘hanging braskets’

(and have the obligatory tea and biscuits.)

You’ve a 4 – climb the ladder, time for lunch at The Plough

Throw a 5 – no coffee morning this month.

My turn, Oh just a 1 – must put my name badge on!


I’ve thrown a 2, down the snake to committee with Gill,

2 again and you’re off to Centenary Committee with Sue

(with the obligatory tea and biscuits.)

Throw a 6, let’s lunch at The Royal Oak

A double 6  – jump on the canal boat.

It’s a 3 – enjoy the cream tea.

Your turn, Oh just a 1 – stack your chair when you are done!


I throw a 5, up the ladder to Christmas Coffee at Carol T’s,

A double 6 for Sharon King – the Easter Party a huge success with added bling!

A 6 AGAIN – and off we go to walk and chat a mile or two.

Then a 3 is thrown and on the coach to trot around Syon House

(with obligatory tea and biscuits)

My turn, a 4 and down the snake we go for breakfast at The Hawk,

Your go – Oh no not another 1 – you really must put your name badge on!


You’ve thrown a 4 – Another lunch – surely No, No, No, No MORE!

A 6 for me – the Queen is 90 so time for a bit of a Party.

5 you’ve thrown – It’s Fabulous Faberge

Lynne throws a 3 and The Lion is booked for a soiree

Chris throws a 6 and climbs up the ladder to join the committee

(with obligatory tea and biscuits)

You again – please throw a 1 and stack your chair before we’re done.


Cecilia throws a 5 and Freda and Barry come to sing live.

Aileen slides down the snake – but she really makes those minutes quake.

Whilst Colleen throws a double 6 – she’s always there to sort and fix.

Another year over, perhaps I’ll do another one?

(Tea and biscuits here I come!)

Where is that broom?

A Presidents job is never done!

Who am I?

Oh, I really must put my name badge on!      


Weather permitting, next month we will be visiting a few gardens in the centre of the Village.  Following our venture outside we will return to the Village Hall for business and refreshments.  Visitors are still welcome – please come along to the Hall by 7.30 p.m.   This is a good evening to try us out as there will be time to chat as we traverse around these delightful gardens.


Diary Dates:

03 June –              Breakfast Club

10 June –              Walking Group

15 June –              Supper Club

20 June –              Reading Group

24 June –              Lunch Club

29 June –              Monthly Meeting – 7.30 p.m. Village Hall