WI Newsletter – March 2008

At their March meeting, members were able to sit back and watch an expert at work as Mavis Cotton ably demonstrated the art of flower arranging.

An early spring meant there was some deviation, but no hesitation or repetition, from her original “Welcome to Spring” theme, but with some unusually coloured carnations and stunning roses obtained from a local nursery, Mavis created three very different displays, which were later offered as raffle prizes.

At the beginning of March, the hall was packed as Abbotts Ann WI hosted the Danebury Group Spring Meeting during which Demi Ladwa spoke about the sari, illustrated by the many beautiful and varied examples she has accrued over the years. Apparently, saris are just as much subject to the whims of fashion as our western mode of dress.

Then a few days later the walking group began their assault of the Clarendon Way, starting with the reasonably gentle stretch from Pitton to Salisbury and yes, they did finish in the pub for lunch.

Diary Dates:

02 April – HCFWI Spring Council Meeting at Portsmouth

08 April – Book Club

12 April – Walking Group

24 April – Members’ Meeting : 7.30 p.m. Village Hall

10 May – Walking Group

20 May – Book Club

29 May – Men in Uniform, Resolutions & Find your Other Half!! : 7.30 p.m. Village Hall

The next meeting on 24 April is being organised by non-committee members so its content is unknown to the committee, but it is believed to involve the more artistic members of our Institute. Visitors are more than welcome to join us; there is no obligation to join.

Sharon King