These cups are awarded annually at the Abbotts Ann Fete which this year is on Saturday 1st September.

The Hibbert Cup is awarded for outstanding, voluntary, unpaid contribution to the Abbotts Ann community in honour of Basil Hibbert, who himself made an outstanding contribution to our community. A bench in memory of Basil stands outside the village shop. This year’s winner will be the 17th holder of the Hibbert Cup.

The Liddell Cup is awarded on the same basis for the leader of a specific village project completed in the past year. It is awarded in honour of Andrew Liddell, whose own contribution is still very fresh in our village memory. The next holder will be the 2nd holder of the Liddell Cup.

The decisions are made by the Trustees of the War Memorial Hall, which Basil chaired for many years. In making the decisions, the Trustees also consult with the current holders of the Cups (2016/2017 John Moon and 2015/2016 Gordon Howard).

All nominations (including all past unsuccessful nominations) are considered with great care, and any village resident may make a nomination for either or both cups. Please send your nominations, with a description of the outstanding contribution made, or project led, to Graham Stallard, Secretary and Trustee, Abbotts Ann War Memorial Hall, Rose Cottage, 86 Little Ann Road, SP11 7NW – or email to graham.p.stallard@gmail.com


Closing date for nominations is 3rd August, a month before the Fete. Please remember that your nomination must be yours alone – no groups please – so that it is absolutely confidential. Please keep your nomination secret as it would be most inappropriate in our Abbotts Ann family for the names of unsuccessful nominees to be known, and to be open for discussion.

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