W.I. Newsletter May 2018

Annual Meeting time and this year as an incentive to attend, Lynne Lucas had the idea of beginning the evening with a fish and chip supper.  Orders were taken, and individual boxes collected in time for our 7.30 p.m. start. It all went down very well.  Especially when it was followed up with a delicious ice cream. 

It was then time for the business part of the evening and our President said there was now an imaginary lock on the door, so members could not escape!The resolution to be debate at the National AGM in early June was discussed and there was a majority in favour.

Kate, who agreed to remain as President for one more year, was able to deliver all the necessary reports in her own inimitable style.  Our finances are healthy, Gill Page our Secretary summarised the previous 12 months and Kate had written her report in a slightly different format and she has given her permission for it to be included in this month’s press reports.


Abbotts Ann W.I Recipe 2018 

Open a packet of Aileen, Colleen and Mel and add

the zest and juice of two Carol’s

stir well……………

Crack a Hazel and Elizabeth into a bowl,

Sift in a Peggy, Patsy, Alison and a sprig of Rosemary too,

add an ounce of Cecilia, a cupful of Chris

And rest……………

I/2 a pint of Sharon, Edna and Trisha will do.

A dash of Raquel and a pinch of Pat

A spoon of each Jill,(a J and a G) and add a ladle of Lynne

2 handfuls of both Helen’s

A pinch of Edwina and Margaret too

Blend gently…………….

A small jug of Judy and Jacquie well whisked

2 Cups of two Jenny’s and one of June

3 Spoonfuls of 3 kinds of Sue – all well mixed.

A small bag of Barbara and Betty-Ann,

Add a soupspoon of Sandra,

Whisk in a Wendy and top with a sprinkle of Kate

Blend in kindness, understanding and add friendship and hope.

Sprinkle abundantly with laughter.

Best served fresh’ish with a cup of tea, a glass of wine, or a beverage of your choice monthly or at regular events as required.

What could be better?!

This month’s meeting on 28th June is in the afternoon and we will be visiting the garden at Conholt Park – so we are all hoping that this fine weather continues.


Diary Dates:

02 June –          Breakfast Club

09 June –          Walking Group

14 June –          Supper Club

19 June –          Reading Group

28 June –          Visit to Conholt Park (2.30 p.m.)